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Course Descriptions
Mat I - Intro to Pilates
Anatomy & Movement Principles
Mat I includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, beginning exercises and introduction to intermediate level exercises with modifications. An overview of anatomy and movement principles is covered with this course.
Includes an intro to the primary muscles involved in movement. Specifically geared toward Pilates teachers. Training includes covering exercises with specific reference to the muscles and joints allowing you to understand the information more effectively. 
Reformer I, II & III
Mat II & III
Mat II & III includes remaining intermediate & advanced level exercisesas well as use of props for advancing clients or providing appropriate modifications. With this training the final Mat exercises are covered so that all original Pilates Mat repertoire movements are learned.
Reformer I, II & III includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, beginning, intermediate and advanced exercises, session sequencing and teaching cues for group classes. Modifications designed for group and individual instruction are covered as well as technique for teaching clients at different levels of ability.
Provides a thorough introduction to Cadillac/Tower exercises. Equipment set up, safety and maintenance is covered as well as how to incorporate the exercises into a clients session. This training is appropriate for learning Trapeze Table, Tower or Wall Unit exercises.
Includes exercises and variations for both private training sessions and classes. Covers multiple exercises on this very adaptable Pilates piece of equipment. Learn on both traditional and contemporary equipment.
Ladder Barrel
Includes an introduction to the Ladder Barrel exercises and a series of exercises and stretches performed on this apparatus.
Suspension Training
In this Suspension Teacher Training you will learn movement-based training curriculum, a progressive and systematic approach to teaching TRX, modifications for any fitness level by increasing or decreasing the load against gravity while executing exercises.
Special Populations
Expand your knowledge and become a more rounded teacher as you learn about working with Special Populations. Includes special conditions, modifications, contraindications and working with Seniors.
Teaching Principles
This 1 day workshop explores teaching principles in more detail. Master the art of cueing and working with multiple levels in a group setting.
Pilates Plate Strength Teacher Training
The Vibration Technology education is inspired by Applied Functional Science (AFS)® powered by Gray Institute®. This training course will give the Pilates teacher the tools to utilize Whole Body Vibration with the combined Pilates equipment and mat exercises designed by Joseph Pilates which will improve flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance in the entire body. LEARN MORE...
Suspension Plate Strength Teacher Training
The Vibration Technology education is inspired by Applied Functional Science (AFS)® powered by Gray Institute®. This training course will give the TRX teacher the tools to utilize Whole Body Vibration with the combined suspension exercises to enhance there classes and sessions while modifications and contraindications are given. 
Perinatal Teacher Training
This 1 day course covers very detailed information in a user-friendly format. You will discover the benefits, risks, and overall effects of exercise in relation to each phase of the perinatal period. Then, you get to experience it all first-hand in the practical application component which includes many stability ball exercises from the Resist-a-Ball C.O.R.E. progam, “Prenatal with Resist-a-Ball” Specialty Course.
on the Ball
This hands-on, in-depth 1 day training course will provide practical instruction on selected strength and flexibility exercises, utilizing both the ball and tubing, appropriate for the prenatal client. Screening techniques, physiological and anatomical changes, resistance training guidelines, and basic nutrition for the pregnant exerciser will also be reviewed.
Pelvic Floor Workshop
This workshop focuses on the anatomy of the pelvic floor, how to evaluate your client for an under-active vs. over-active pelvic floor and other issues, and how to effectively rehab/condition the pelvic floor muscles with specific exercises.
Working with Older Popuations
This workshop will go over physiological changes that occur in older populations and review areas of training that target their specific needs. Both Pilates and general exercises will be taught and how to properly cue and spot the client.
Required Course Materials
All trainees are required to purchase the below course materials
for the PMA-Approved Pilates Modules.
Training Manuals will be provided by Moving Strength.
The Anatomy Coloring Book
Wynn Kapit / Lawrence M. Nelson

Required for 450-hour Comprehensive Training, Anatomy course & all Pilates Courses.
Pilates' Return to Life Through Contrology
Joseph H. Pilates

Required for 450-hour Comprehensive Training and all Pilates Courses.
Rael Isacowitz

Required for 450-hour Comprehensive Training and all Pilates Courses.
Purchase via Amazon
Purchase via Amazon
Purchase via Amazon

Program Perks

  1. Unlimited Classes
    PMA Trainees will have the opportunity to take unlimited classes at any Moving Strength Studio location. Trainees can only take class when there is an available spot or machine that is not being used by a paying client. Classes do not count toward training observation or practice hours.
  2. Apprenticeships
    Apprenticeships may be awarded to qualified trainees upon assessment. Trainees must complete at least 75 hours of training before assessments may be taken. Apprentices will receive a stipend for teaching small group classes at any of the Moving Strength locations.
  3. Work-Study
    Work-study available for qualified trainees. Applicants must interview & audition to be considered. Work-study positions include administrative skills and/or certified instructor. Work-study hours help pay for cost of training program and manual fees.