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We are educated instructors, dedicated to enhancing the lives of our students through thoughtful teaching and specialized attention.


Distinction - We are committed to the details. We recognize the small things ARE the big things. Our attention to detail in all that we do reflects this.

Skilled - We have focus. Education is important to us. We educate ourselves and we educate others through our thoughtful work.

Personalized - We understand the unique needs of our students. We personalize our instruction and programming. We care and are attentive to our students’ needs.
Since Your Body Isn’t Linear, 
Your Fitness Shouldn’t Be….

Moving Strength combines the most effective techniques offered by Pilates, Power Plate, TRX, weight training, and other modalities providing the ideal workout for one’s body.  The classes/sessions cater to each individual’s needs and goals not just a standard class. Teaching students with hands-on techniques rather than just providing them a generic class.  Studios are located on both the Upper West and Upper East Sides of New York City.
Moving Strength is a Pilates studio founded and owned by modern dancer Patricia Ruiz in New York City. At Moving Strength, not only are Pilates equipment classes offered, but also several unique fitness classes all taught by certified instructors to give individuals focused attention and their “personal best” workout. Small classes and one on one private sessions are offered in a boutique setting.

Moving Strength studios offer several workout programs tailored to a diverse range of exercise, rehabilitation and health needs.